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The Benefits of Virtual Care for Doctors

Doctors are busy, at Tia Health we know that better than most. Often, this reflects poorly on a practice due to long wait times, especially for simple appointments such as sick notes, prescription renewals, or basic diagnosis. These negative views often result in a patient going to a walk-in clinic rather than a family doctor, resulting in lost patients and lost money.

Another case that we at Tia Health see a lot is the expansion or contraction of a brick-and-mortar practice. We deal with many doctors looking to expand their practice by seeing existing and new patients online – allowing for new revenue streams to open up and for a convenient feel to the classic doctor-patient experience. At Tia Health we also see physicians, nutritionists, psychotherapists, and more begin to slow their brick-and-mortar practice down by seeing their existing patients online for basic appointment types – allowing for revenue and limited time commitments.

Tia Health and Insig Corp have worked hard over the past years to make virtual healthcare a reality for doctors and patients through innovative medical platforms built to make the healthcare system easier for everyone. In doing so, Tia Health has begun to pursue provinces outside of Ontario (where we are based) and is actively looking for medical professionals to join our proud network. This means that, as a medical professional, you hold the opportunity to open new revenue streams, see more patients, and help bring healthcare to the 21st Century.

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