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Can an Online Doctor Write a Prescription?

At Tia Health we are built up of a diverse group of former students and existing students working as interns. With our experience in campus life, we have put together a master list of everything you can do to help yourself and your classmates stay healthy this school year.

This is a question we see a lot. Sometimes online patients are cautious about the prescriptions they are offered online – and for good reason! It’s very important to make sure your prescriptions are coming from a trusted doctor who knows what they are doing.

At Tia Health we like to shock our patients by letting them know that each and every one of our doctors (in a network of over 200 physicians!) are fully licensed in Ontario and can, in fact, write prescriptions.

While Tia is definitely here to help we also want to make sure your virtual care experience is the safest and the best it can be. There’s no denying that prescription medication is important – whether it be a new prescription or a renewal – but the process of getting one can be time consuming and inconvenient. Who wants to sit in a waiting room for hours anyways? Especially while sick!

Tia’s doctors are fully prepared to give you all the medical advice you need related to a specified appointment type. When it comes to prescriptions our doctors are ready to do everything in their power to help you get on your way to feeling better. Tia doctors will happily write you a prescription after a virtual consultation making sure that you need the medication and that you are biologically suited to take the medication (we make sure to know about any allergies or medical history before the consult).

Tia Health is here to help, which means that sometimes you might not get the prescription you think you need. Your doctor knows best, so trust them if they make a recommendation related to your current or future medication. We also want to keep you safe, so we have strict policies in place ensuring that our doctors never prescribe controlled substances.

Tia also offers free (yeah you heard me - FREE) prescription deliveries. Just ask your doctor about the best way to get your prescription at the end of your appointment.

You can access the prescriptions you get through Tia Health any time by logging in to the app or our website and finding the corresponding appointment.

Sounds Good. Now How Do I Talk to a Doctor?

Tia Health makes talking to a doctor the easiest it has ever been. All you need to do is go to or download the Tia Virtual Clinic app (available on all mobile devices) to get started.

From there you’ll want to follow the simple steps presented to you to gather all the information we need to send to the doctor of your choice before the appointment. This information includes descriptions of your symptoms and a brief summary of your medical history. But don’t worry! Our automated questionnaire system makes it very easy to input this information, taking only a couple minutes of your time.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get on your way to feeling better with just a few clicks. After all; Tia is here to help!