OSCAR EMR & Agent+ Physician Billing

On May 1st, 2021 Tia is Launching OSCAR EMR for all Tia Healthcare Providers and Agent+ Physician Billing, for our Ontario Healthcare Providers. All at no cost!!!

These will be standard for all new Tia Healthcare Providers.

For existing Physician Partners like you, it is currently not mandatory, however we encourage you to get started early because not only will it streamline how you practice, it will also improve the healthcare experiences and very possibly the healthcare outcomes of Tia Patients.

Contact our Physician Success Team to get started.

The benefits are numerous!

Bonus Benefit

Tia’s Physician Success Team is a key feature of Tia’s OSCAR solution. Tia’s Physician Success Team will address all of your support needs including billing, scheduling, training, and more.

OSCAR: Less Fragmentation of PHI = Greater Continuity of Care

  • You will have access to repeat Tia Patients’ cumulative patient healthcare info streamlining your ability to make informed healthcare decisions.
  • Tia Patients’ historical Tia healthcare charting being available to you and all Tia Physicians will result in better and more efficient experiences for you and Tia patients.

Billing and Rejection Management = More Focus on Care

  • Full service OHIP billing services, including rejection management is now available at the click of a button.
  • Your claim is submitted to the Ministry of Health (MOH), and all issues or rejections are handled for you through to resolution.
  • No more inconvenient copy and pasting info from the Tia platform into your EMR.
  • Now you will spend less time dealing with the mundane and more time focusing on patient care.

If you have any general questions about Agent+ billing management, please contact our Physician Success Team or consult the FAQ below.

Frequently asked questions.


Joining the Tia on OSCAR EMR instance is free. We have tested the new TIA ON OSCAR instance with a small beta test group and determined that having a unified OSCAR environment equates to a more streamlined practice and patient engagement experience. Clinicians using our end-to-end healthcare ecosystem have reported reduction in support and administrative work, thus allowing them to spend a few more minutes with their patients versus copy and pasting documents in different systems and managing billings.
  • You will be able to fully sync your Tia schedule into your Oscar instance, making it easier for you to manage your schedule with your other commitments.
  • Any document that is created in Tia will populate in Oscar, and vice-versa. This 2-way sync will drastically reduce your support and administrative work, allowing our Physician Success Team to manage patient support requests on your behalf.
  • PLUS…It is completely free to you.
  • Currently, using Tia’s OSCAR is not mandatory but using it early will help us both deliver improved experiences to Tia patients so we encourage you to use it soon…And we will provide you with the white glove service needed in order to make the transition as easy as possible.
  • Beginning to use OSCAR is easy. We will hold your hand through the setup and provide you with live training to ensure an easy move. Also…our Physician Success team is an email away anytime you need us. Connect with us to get started.
Absolutely, our Physician Success Team is ready for a training session when you are. Simply send us an email, or book an appointment here.
Absolutely. You can use OSCAR for billing. If you are in Ontario, we recommend using Agent+ for billing. Agent+ will handle all rejection management, eliminating the need for you to focus on care while Tia manages the mundane work that often accompanies healthcare.

Agent+ Billing: For Ontario Physicians

  • Simple efficient billing - choose your diagnosis and billing code, click the button and claim is submitted to MOH on your behalf.
  • Patient information and Health Card information is automatically included for you.
  • Rejection Management – all claims are managed through to resolution by Agent+’s experienced billing agents.
  • Accurate and complete billing – ease of use minimizes errors and forgotten claims.
  • Regular reporting of all your claims and their status with MOH.
  • It’s very simple. For our Ontario doctors, we’ve added a button that allows you to submit OHIP billing claims while in the appointment itself, or even after the appointment is completed.
  • We’ve eliminated the administrative work to gather patient information (i.e. birthdate, name, health card). All you need to do is choose a billing code, and a diagnostic code, then submit!
We have partnered with Agent+ to give you the ability to submit billing claims to OHIP. Once you’ve submitted a claim from our app, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Agent+ will manage these claims for you! Your monthly payments will be made through MOH as usual.
You will have direct access to weekly reports that detail all the claims you’ve submitted, and the statuses of each claim with MOH.
There is no associated fee with this integration, it is completely free! Our overhead will not change, and we will continue to bill based on the agreed fee split (30% for OHIP visits) in your agreement with Tia.

Billing: For British Columbia & Alberta Physicians

Stay tuned! Although Agent+ is not yet available outside of Ontario, we are working on providing this to all B.C. and Alberta doctors.


  • This will be a standard feature for all new Tia Healthcare Providers.
  • For existing Physician Partners, it is currently not mandatory, however we encourage you to get started early because not only will it streamline how you practice, it will also improve the healthcare experiences and very possibly the healthcare outcomes of Tia Patients.
You can contact our Physician Success Team anytime to provide feedback on your Agent+ billing experience or if you need that extra bit of help after your training is completed. We are here to support you. Once you are up and running with Agent+ there will be a dedicated support team to assist with any patient billing related inquiries.
Tia Health and VirtualClinic+ are joining to serve you better 
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