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Tia Health

Video and phone appointments with Canadian doctors.

Medical advice, prescriptions, mental health, referrals, requisitions and more.

Services covered by most benefits plans.


Tia Health makes healthcare quick, easy, and effective

powerfull 1. Book Appointment

No more waiting for hours in a walk-in clinic, or weeks to see your family doctor. Doctors on your schedule, all online.

optimised 2. Speak to a Doctor

Speak directly with doctors in Canada by phone or video, on any device. You're in control and your time is valuable.

website 3. Wrap Up

Free prescription delivery in Canada. Receive referrals, prescriptions, requisitions and any other documents you need, all online.

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Video & Phone Appointments with Doctors

See top doctors in Canada from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere


Prescriptions and Renewals

Get new prescriptions or renewals with free home or office delivery across Canada


Sick Notes, Referrals, Test Requisitions, Follow-Ups and more

No more commuting and waiting hours in a clinic for a simple medical visit


Safe & Secure

Your privacy is our top priority, all of our data is encrypted and stored securely in Canada



$25 - $50

Consultations range from $25-$50, depending on which appointment type you select. There are no time-based fees or additional fees if an appointment lasts longer than expected.



Learn More About Tia Health

We want to make sure you are 100% confident and comfortable using Tia Virtual Care. Our doctors care, and so do we. Learn More

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Welcome to Tia Check-Up

Tia Check-Up is our AI-Powered symptom checker that you can access from anywhere online with the Tia Virtual Clinic app. With Tia Check-Up, you simply answer a few short questions to identify possible conditions related to your symptoms.

After your Tia Check-Up you can connect with a doctor in Canada that is best suited to help you with your symptoms.

Our goal is to make healthcare more efficient than ever so you can feel better, faster. Learn More

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Virtual Care,
Proven Effective

Millions of patients around the world are already taking advantage of virtual care.

With Tia, you can expect effective and efficient virtual care from your phone, tablet or computer. All while knowing your medical information is kept safe and secure.

Tia Health Is Improving Canadians' Access to Quality Healthcare

With one of the best healthcare systems in the world, Canadian clinics are seeing higher and higher patient volumes every year due to an aging population. Virtual care is able to improve access through more efficient, yet still safe and effective, online medical care.

92% of satisfaction with virtual care

92% of virtual care patients said they were satisfied with their online consultation, rating it good or excellent.

20% of Canadians

20% of Canadians have to wait 7 days or more just to get an appointment with their family doctor.

43% of Canadians

Only 43% of Canadians are able to get same or next day appointments at a regular clinic.

Perfect for Your Schedule

Waiting rooms are a drag when you're sick, no one wants to wait hours to see a doctor.
With Tia you can connect to a doctor from home, work, or even the cottage!


Focus on feeling better at home. Skip the waiting room by consulting a doctor online via video or phone.


Don't miss work for something as simple as a prescription renewal. You can use Tia from your desk and enjoy free prescription delivery!

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Easy access on the go with the Tia Health mobile app. Get the care you need wherever you need it, even if you're travelling.


We're bringing healthcare to the 21st century

Get high quality medical care from anywhere.
Available on any device.

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