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Online appointments with Canadian doctors.

Prescriptions, referrals, requisitions, mental health, and more. Covered by health spending accounts and MSP.

NEW! Now offering secure messaging appointments!

"Tia Health is helping to change the way we access health care"
- Maclean's logo   

Tia logo is making healthcare
easy, and enjoyable

No waiting 1. Book Appointment

No more waiting for hours in a walk-in clinic, or weeks to see your family doctor. Doctors on your schedule, all online.

Speak to a doctor 2. Speak to a Doctor

Speak directly with doctors in Canada by phone, video, or secure messaging, on any device. You're in control and your time is valuable.

Wrap up 3. Wrap Up

Free prescription delivery in Canada. Receive referrals, prescriptions, requisitions and any other documents you need, all online.

What Tia logo can do for you


Video, Phone & Secure Messaging Appointments with Doctors

See top doctors in Canada from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere


Prescriptions and Renewals

Get new prescriptions or renewals with free home or office delivery across Canada

Notes, referrals, requisitions

Sick Notes, Referrals, Test Requisitions, Follow-Ups and more

No more commuting and waiting hours in a clinic for a simple medical visit

Safe and secure

Safe & Secure

Your privacy is our top priority, all of our data is encrypted and stored securely in Canada

logo gives you more options


Naturopathic Medicine

Interested in natural, alternative treatments? We'll connect you to our Naturopath.



Mental health matters! Speak to a psychotherapist for help with stress, relationships, mental health and more.



We care about your whole family, pets included! Speak with a licensed Canadian veterinarian.


Always Growing

We're constantly expanding the breadth our services, and growing our team of highly qualified health professionals. Holistic care is the future.

How we're different


Continuity of Care

You choose which doctor you want to speak with so you can build an ongoing healthcare relationship. Its proven to increase quality of care.


Lowest Pricing

We have the lowest pricing across Canada, appointments start at just $25, with no additional fees!


You're in Control

You choose whatever makes you comfortable: phone, video, and messaging appointments, male or female doctors, a doctor that speaks your language ... you're in control.


Speak Directly with a Canadian Doctor

At the time of your appointment, you connect directly to the doctor, by phone, video or secure messaging. No waiting or processing.

Patient Testimonial

"Hi, I just wanted to contact you and tell you how pleased I am with your service. Last week I went into a doctor's office for a routine app't. Before I knew it, I was booked for follow ups at the local hospital and sent to a lab for cancer antigen levels. My physician was polite and did the best he could with my case. He was following protocol by ordering another ultrasound in 10 weeks. I was not in the right state of mind at the time to ask or inquire about anything else. After a day or two and a bit of research I knew I wasn't going to wait for these tests.

I found Tia through my research, chose a Dr Edema to chat with and booked the app't for that day. Once on the line, I explained my symptoms and asked if he thought ordering additional screening asap was a reasonable course of action. Thankfully he completely agreed and sent the requisition in. I found out afterward that Dr Edema even followed up with a second phone call to the imaging centre to make sure they booked me for asap. I am so impressed and pleased with Tia and Dr Edema. I am crossing my fingers that the scan will be fine. Having said that, I know that ovarian cancer has a very poor prognosis if not caught early.

Tia and Dr Edema may just be a life saver! I can't thank you enough."



Starting at $25

(Covered by MSP & Health Spending Accounts)

Appointment pricing ranges depending on the appointment type you select. There are no time-based fees or additional fees if an appointment lasts longer than expected. Tia Health is covered by MSP, patients with a valid British Columbia Health Card will not be charged. Appointments are also covered by health spending accounts, a complete receipt is provided for reimbursement. Yearly and monthly membership plans are available through insurance brokers.

Tia Health Is Improving Canadians' Access to Quality Healthcare

With one of the best healthcare systems in the world, Canadian clinics are seeing higher and higher patient volumes every year due to an aging population. Virtual care is able to improve access through more efficient, yet still safe and effective, online medical care.

92% of satisfaction with virtual care

92% of virtual care patients said they were satisfied with their online consultation, rating it good or excellent.

20% of Canadians

20% of Canadians have to wait 7 days or more just to get an appointment with their family doctor.

43% of Canadians

Only 43% of Canadians are able to get same or next day appointments at a regular clinic.

Perfect for Your Schedule

Waiting rooms are a drag when you're sick, no one wants to wait hours to see a doctor.
With Tia you can connect to a doctor from home, work, or even the cottage!


Focus on feeling better at home. Skip the waiting room by consulting a doctor online via video, phone or secure messaging.


Don't miss work for something as simple as a prescription renewal. You can use Tia from your desk and enjoy free prescription delivery!

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Easy access on the go with the Tia Health mobile app. Get the care you need wherever you need it, even if you're travelling.

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We're bringing healthcare to the 21st century

Get high quality medical care from anywhere.
Available on any device.

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