Canadian Patients and Tia need your help.

Attention All Canadian Physicians:

Help Canadians In Need of Healthcare, and Help Yourself.

Don’t Change. Just Try.

  • You have a busy practice. You see enough patients.
  • Your time in-clinic needs to be balanced with time at home.
  • There are 1000s of Canadians needing access to Physicians like you, more so now than ever before. You can help.
  • What if you could spend a few hours per month, on days and times of your choosing, seeing patients from the comfort of home. Think of the people you could help.
  • And besides, 2 to 4 additional Telehealth Shifts each month could mean many $1,000s of dollars of additional income that could help to support your personal and/or professional overhead.
  • There is no term commitment. Your schedule is completely flexible.

What do you stand to lose from giving Tia Health a try?

Tia Health is one of Canada’s largest and most in demand virtual healthcare services.

We provide Canadians with a convenient and efficient way to access the care they and their families need, especially during times like these. Significant growth in Canadian patient demand means that we need support from physicians like you.

Perhaps you have your own attached patient panel but are open to opportunities to enhance your practice schedule with virtual visits…


Maybe you are a walk-in family doctor open to alternatives to only filling your days with shifts in one or more bricks and mortar primary care clinics, Tia Health can help.

Interested in learning more?

Tia Health and VirtualClinic+ are joining to serve you better 
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